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Mrs. Word

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Welcome To Mrs. Word's World!

Mrs. Word Makes a World of Difference with Words and Letters!

The Word is Alphabet is a creative and meaningful way for young children to learn their ABC’s. By pairing each letter with a name such as “Ann Apple” or “Curly Cat,” children will quickly learn their letters. They will speak the phonetic sound of the letters, do activities that relate to the letter and learn new letters and words through similarities and differences. This book will help children develop a broad vocabulary and put emphasis on a variety of literature and relate it to personal experiences.

Parents need to be partners with their children to enable them to develop speaking and listening skills. The most important goal is to develop imagination and creativity and make the alphabet come alive with the unique alphabet characters provided in The Word is Alphabet.

Complete with a parents section at the back to help guide you through the educational use of the material, it is sure to be a success with both children and parents.

Mrs. Sharon Word

After teaching for thirty-two years in the Denver Public School system, Sharon is still at it hoping to enrich young children with her music, art and knowledge. She believes that education is the foundation and root of society. Education should be the number one priority of any country and this book is a way for her to continue teaching young children in her retirement. More...


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